“Nip it in the bud.” We usually heard it in our life. However, how do we prevent natural disasters, especially when we are driving?

Now Google adds tools to Google Maps to leave the crises away. It's called Crisis Map. It not only alarms you about crises, but will provide another route for avoiding them. For instance, if a flood, earthquake threatens to block your way, it might help you to change the way for your safety.

The resources are collected from across various websites and formats, like FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research), etc.

Those data in a sample map format on a range of browsers and devices. They automatically adjust to work on small screens.

Maps can show wildfires, hurricane, earthquake shakemaps and flood forecasts. Here is the map related the wildfires.

Flood forecast visualizations haven't finished, but starting in the Indian city of initially Patna and spreading to the Brahmaputra and Ganges regions, where Google says more than 20% of global flood-related accidents occur. It also will appear in mobile apps this summer.

We can share our location with family and friends within Google Maps turn on a traffic layer to check suspected road closures during such disasters. Besides, report the closures through a crisis information card, tap on a share button to direct them in turn to Google Maps.

In the future, Google prepares to extend its coverage to address tornadoes, monsoons, and other emergencies.